Re-Entry in New Haven

The objective of this work is to examine the experiences of formerly incarcerated men and their perceptions of change institutions, how they assign meaning to their lives, how they expect to thrive in their local communities, and how they determine value in day-to-day survival. In addition this study seeks to explore how men who were formerly incarcerated analyze and articulate their lived experiences in the context of race, class, and gender in relation to their past involvement in the prison system. This is accomplished through a series of in-depth ethnographic interviews and observations. Research subjects participate in semi-structured interviews

Contacts: Professor Don Sawyer and Professor Steve McGuinn

Black Male College Experiences

I am collaborating on a project with a colleague in California focusing on the experiences of Black males at private, predominately white institutions (PWI).  The goals of this study are to examine the life and educational histories of Black men, focusing on factors contributing to or impeding their educational success.

Contact: Professor Don Sawyer

Urban Education

I am currently working on a project at a local high school where we are using hip-hop culture to (re)engage Black and Latino males with school.  The research portion of the project is a qualitative investigation of the social and academic experiences of 15 Black and Latino males participating in the program. 

Contact: Professor Don Sawyer